for Residential Operators

CITRUS MediaFirst provides cable, telco and internet operators with the agility, innovation and economic benefits of modern cloud technologies and web services, utilizing a flexible, modular infrastructure. The solution opens up new opportunities
to create, manage, and deliver next-generation OTT services across multiple devices,
while offering more effective content recommendation through MediaFirst’s advanced data analytics.


  • Low startup costs

  • Pay as you grow - per sub, per month payment model

  • Optimizes user experiences

  • Subscriber Management System integration

  • Analytic reporting

  • Scalable ability to expand and
    grow as required

  • Rapid deployment

  • “Future-proofs” video infrastructure

  • Accelerates time to market

  • Create custom user interfaces

  • System design

  • ABR transcoding

  • Team dedicated to support / monitor / upgrade systems

Deployment Options

Mobile Devices

›    Mobile Devices:  

-    iOS (iPhone, iPad)         

-    Android (Phone, Tablets)  
-    Web browsers               

     (Windows, MacOS, etc.)

Upgrade from Mediaroom using the Napa Client

›    Upgrade any existing legacy
     STBs to have universal
     MediaFirst UI

›    Common VOD Store,
     Bookmarks & Purchases 

›    Linear channels utilize


›    Includes one STB:               


Android TV STB

›    Includes Android TV STB’s

›    Custom Image with

     Operator App 

›    Launches directly into
     Operator MF App

›    Includes ‘Mobile’ Devices 

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