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for Commercial Operators

Tangerine Global is a Media Solutions and Network Services Provider to both the commercial and residential markets. We utilize the most advanced proven technology to create a personalized and reliable experience for our viewers across multiple platforms and devices.  


A Pioneer in HD IPTV, Tangerine Global installed its first HD IPTV system in Asia in 2005, and is currently providing services across North America. Tangerine Global offers a variety of products including our Cloud-based IPTV Mediaroom and MediaFirst platforms that open up new opportunities to create, manage and deliver next-generation OTT services across multiple devices while Streaming to iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire Sticks and others.  Our years of developing and supporting state-of-the-art technology supporting IPTV, OTT Streaming to all devices, DOCSIS, GPON, MoCA, Wireless and Ethernet Networks has positioned us to extend our expertise into data transport, infrastructure, provisioning and support.  


Tangerine Global is committed to creating extraordinary products, while providing exceptional service and reliability to our customers. We strive to facilitate an open work environment for our employees, while operating with integrity in all aspects of our business.



Technology Design


The technology team at Tangerine Global includes industry experts that have been directly responsible for the design and engineering of infrastructure systems for hotels, casino resorts, and residential MDU projects. Leveraging this experience enables Tangerine Global to provide design assistance across multiple aspects of hospitality and MDU projects. Tangerine Global works closely with owners, developers, brands, and operators to implement best practices for facility infrastructure. Tangerine Global’s IN-A-BOX Deployment Solutions delivers scalable, repeatable, and successful deployments of infrastructure and in-room technology. 

Network Infrastructure Solutions


The unique characteristics of hotels, casinos, and MDU properties present challenges for designing and deploying network infrastructure. The individual units or guest rooms can benefit from the scalability and efficiency of GPON fiber networks. Yet, public spaces and administrative office requirements need a hybrid solution incorporating Active Ethernet in many locations. Tangerine Global is proficient in designing and deploying these mixed hybrid solutions for: 

  • GPON Fiber Networking

  • Active Ethernet Networking

  • Wi-Fi Deployment and    Managed Services

  • Coax to GPON Retrofit Solutions

  •  MDU Internet as a Utility


  • Energy Management (EMS)

  • Guest Room Management    Systems (GRMS)

  • Advanced Room Automation

  • In-Room Entertainment

  • Custom Menu Systems

  • Group Codes and Customization

  • IP Casting

  •  In-Room Ordering and   Transactions


Guestroom/MDU Management Systems 


Today’s Smart Buildings, whether Hotel / Casino Guest Rooms or individual MDU units include more technology that can be managed as Internet of Things (IoT) or IP connected devices. Tangerine Global has a team of technology experts in designing solutions to address systems that range from fundamental building code requirements to complex luxury automation systems.

Video Entertainment Solutions



Tangerine Global established itself as an early leader in HD Video Entertainment for hospitality and casinos. With more than a decade of continued enhancements, these systems have proven scalability to support the largest casinos in the world and deliver advanced features that produce net positive revenue for customers.


Digital Signage Features


The universe of Tangerine Global and integrated partner products and solutions are actively monitored and maintained through the cloudbased CITRUSLINK platform. We are leveraging the power of Al to monitor multiple devices and systems. CITRUSLINK applies predictive analytics to identify problems that could affect the technical performance of a guest room MDU unit before it happens. Facility managers, asset owners, and brand managers can view secure data through a unified dashboard that shows the performance and health of multiple sub-systems of IP-connected devices:

  • AI-powered controls for self-healing systems

  • Unified view of infrastructure and room systems

  • Advanced integration for new solutions to challenging issues in   system/facility management

Tangerine Global uses CITRUSLINK to provide our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring, routine firmware, and version upgrade management. Business Rules enforcement for deployment to keep the system accurate, operational, and automated alerts for troubles.

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