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for Residential Operators

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CITRUS MediaFirst provides cable, telco and internet operators, TV as a Service.
The platform utilizes the agility, innovation and economic benefits of modern cloud technologies and web services, plus a flexible, modular infrastructure. CITRUS opens
up new opportunities to create, manage, and deliver next-generation OTT services across multiple devices, while offering your subscribers a more effective content recommendation and personalized experience through MediaFirst’s advanced

data analytics.

A Lower-Cost Hosted OTT Streaming Solution



  • Live Channels, Cloud DVR,
    Pause Live TV, Restart,
    Catch Up, Video On Demand


  • Turnkey implementation
    and operations


  • Guide Data and posters           included

  • Optimizes user experiences
    on each device


  • Guide, Trending, Favorite,     Personalized recommendations

  • Subscriber Management
    System integration

  • Advanced Data Analytics

  • Scalable can grow as needed

  • Accelerates time to market

  • Create custom user interfaces

  • ABR transcoding

  • Team dedicated to support / monitor / upgrade systems

  • Feed multiple operators
    from single head end


Ways To Deploy



No footprint at Operator’s headend! All CITRUS MediaFirst equipment is located at a regional headend. Simply connect to one of our dedicated locations and we will take care of the rest. Send us your local and regional channels for transcoding. The National feeds are provided by Vubiquity–It is that simple. Perfect for the operator looking for a lower cost startup and pay-as-you-grow approach to streaming.

  • Small head end footprint

  • National feeds come from Vubiquity
    and will be encoded and sent to    
    Operator (included)


  • Local feeds will be encoded and sent
    back to Operator


  • No satellite down link

  • Lower startup costs

  • Rapid deployment

  • Pay as you grow

CITRUS MediaFirst streaming equipment will be located at the operator’s headend. It utilizes your existing headend infrastructure, inbound feeds, and will originate all streaming for your subscribers. This approach provides the operator the ultimate customization while lowering the monthly fees for streaming.

  • Use Operator’s satellite head end

  • No connection to regional POP required

  • Lower monthly fees

  • All transcoding included

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Stream From Any Device

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