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Custom HD Channels

Added to any system... anywhere!

Build your own custom HD linear channels quickly and easily with Tangerine Global’s CITRUS Channels. These channels will work on any system - IPTV, Coax with digital QAM delivery.


  • Easily update content via web portal

  • Edit your content in realtime

  • Add multiple sources time, weather, sport scores, local news, etc

  • Include different elements RSS feeds, web cam, and slideshows analytics to track guest usage

  • Delivery on IPTV or Coax with digital QAM


RSS Feeds, Videos, Weather, Time, Slideshows, Tickers, Ads, Text, Images, and much more.

Create your own HD Channel

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Easily update content on your own through the CITRUS Portal Web . Update, schedule or deploy your data via our web portal 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Live Webcam


Live Webcam

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