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for Residential and Hospitality Contractors

Our GPON IN A BOX™ is a complete turnkey end-to-end solution, including everything needed for contractors/electricians (low voltage, electrical) to implement fast connectivity and infrastructure including WiFi.  We include 36 - 60 months remote management, monitoring and support for one low up-front Capex price. GPON IN A BOX is a turn-key solution, which includes pre-configuration of OLTs and packaged/labeled ONTs with corresponding floor/room number resulting in quick and easy installation.

  • Pre-Configuration of OLT
    – Test Hardware     
    – Test Configs


  • ONTs
    – Unbox, scan into management system, label with ‘Room/Location’
    – Bench test     

    – Package into ‘Install Order’ for quicker on-site installation by VAR

  • Optical Splitters, Patch Cables, Etc.
    – Package non-DZS materials for turnkey solution     
    – Bench test

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Kitting Services

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Turn-Up Services

  • Initial Design Requirements Meeting
    – Document requirements     
    – Basic Line-Drawings


  • Remote VAR Support & Troubleshooting
    – OLT and ONT turn-up


  • On-Site Support for Additional Fees + Travel
    – Quoted on a Scope of Work (SOW)     

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Monitoring & Management

  • Monitor ONTs and OLT
    – Port errors, low light levels, off-line, etc     


  • Manage Moves, Adds and Changes
    – 24x7 Help Desk     
    – Self-Service Portal


  • Technical Support
        – Level I and II technical support of OLT/ONT

  • Firmware Updates as Required

  • Hardware Exchange for Silver/Gold Covered Equipment
    – Pre-test equipment prior to RMA to DZS        

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